Chef Paula Deen and her sons Jamie and Bobby

For years, we have watched the flirty, gandmotherly chef Paula Deen whip up her fried chicken, red velvet cakes and other Southern delicasies on Food Network. While the unhealthiness of  butter and cream cheese was hidden under the massacarades of “love” and “authenticity”, Deen herself was hiding the fact that she had Type 2 diabetes.

Why Deen hid it is easy to guess — she didn’t want her TV show and personal image to loose appeal. But now that she is out with her secret, she and her sons have found a way to milk that too. Deen, 64, just signed an endorsement deal with Novo Nordisk, the Danish pharmaceutical company that makes Victoza, an noninsulin injectable diabetes medication. Her sons Bobby and Jamie have also been roped in to spearhead a public relations campaign for the company.

Bobby Deen also has a new healthful-cooking show Not My Mama’s Meals that began last month. He sticks to his Southern influence but gives the dishes a healthy twist. Some examples being “No Fry” Apple Pies, Lighter Shrimp and Polenta, and Whole Wheat Pie Crust.

Anthony Bourdain’s Response:

Travel show host and chef Anthony Bourdain once called Paula Deen the most dangerous person in America. And now, following her annuncement, he tweeted, “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

Deen may have been clogging the nation’s arteries, but Bourdain hasn’t been kind to the nation’s livers. His extreme love of alcohol and red meat, and his anti-vegetarian rants are scary given the cult following that he has! I love my sanagria and mojitos, and am by no means a vegetarian. But both Bourdain and Deen need to understand that emphasising moderation is the responsible thing to do.