Who wants to slave in the kitchen in the morning? Not me. But I’m not happy with sugary cereal either. A few days ago, I came across this simple Asian-inspired savory breakfast preparation from New York Times’ Mark Bittman. I’ve tried it four times or so with different whole grains and I’m glad to say that this recipe works, especially if you LOVE green onions like I do.

Mark Bittman's savory breakfast made with bulgur

Bulgur Breakfast à la Mark Bittman

Bittman adds scallions, sesame oil and soy sauce to whole grains to make this non-greasy delightful savory breakfast cereal. When I first saw Bittman’s demo, I feared that the dish may be one-note because of the soy and the lack of a spice but the stars of the dish ended up being the scallions and the whole grains. Also, when I am hungry, I add some scrambled egg or diced avocado to the cereal!

The only note of caution I would add is that if you don’t add enough soy, the cereal is a little dry and bland. I usually add a little soy, mix, taste and add some more depending on how much I need.

Watch Bittman weave his magic with wheat berries: